You are a genomics and technology minded PI with a proven track record in the field of the genetic basis of human disease, exemplified by publications, funding ID, valorization effort, clinical contributions, etc. 


The Center for Molecular Medicine (CMM) [] is a research center that focuses on understanding the molecular basis of disease. With more than 180 researchers in 17 different groups, we focus primarily, but not exclusively, on the molecular basis of cancer, one of the major themes of UMCU. The CMM is a frontrunner in training and coaching the next generation of biomedical scientists and medical doctors by performing internationally leading, fundamental biomedical research and by offering stimulating and excellent education. The CMM institute has expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure available for next-generation DNA sequencing (NovaSeq, NextSeq), single molecule sequencing (Oxford Nanopore GridION, PromethION), spatial transcriptomics/proteomics (Nanostring GeoMx, CosMx), metabolomics, proteomics, advanced microscopy, bioinformatics and a broad range of model systems, including patient-derived primary cultures, iPS cells and organoid culturing.

CMM is part of the division Laboratory, Pharmacy and Biomedical Genetics (dLAB) within the UMCU. UMCU is one of the largest medical centers in Utrecht, and uniquely situated at the Utrecht Science Park with ample opportunities for local collaborations with e.g. renowned research institutes (such as the Hubrecht Institute), the science and veterinary faculties of the Utrecht University and the national pediatric oncology hospital (Princess Maxima Centre).


You should have a collaborative attitude and have the ability to set up impactful local and inter(national) research lines. Moreover, you are a driver of technological innovation at the interface of genomics, genetics and bioinformatics, and have the ambition to contribute to the scientific leadership of the Utrecht Sequencing Facility (USEQ, ).


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