As a dialysis nurse, you treat chronic patients several times a week for a more extended period and often bond intensively with these patients. In addition, there is the dynamic of acute care in emergency dialysis and outdoor dialysis (in other departments, such as intensive care, medium care, recovery, or cardiac monitoring); this makes up about 20% of your work. This diversity makes the work extra challenging. Your shift consists of a variety of, among other things, nursing activities, working with technical equipment, advising on nutrition, and coaching in dealing with illness.

As a permanent team member, you actively contribute to the quality development of our nursing care. You will get plenty of opportunities to follow professional training.

We offer you an excellent position in a close-knit nursing team that consists of about 25 colleagues. We work dayshifts (from 7:30 to 16:00) and evening shifts (from 12:30 to 21:00) on weekdays and weekends. After the evening shift and on weekends, the qualified dialysis nurses work on-call shifts for acute dialysis. Our team collaborates intensively and is as much self-organising as possible, for example, with self-scheduling.


In the nephrology department, we diagnose and treat kidney diseases linked to scientific research and training. Our department consists of a polyclinic, a day treatment, a dialysis department, and a nursing department. We focus on highly specialised patient care, patient-related and fundamental research, and training in a multidisciplinary context. We offer various forms of kidney function replacement therapies in the dialysis department, such as centre-haemodialysis, (paediatric) peritoneal dialysis, and home-haemodialysis. We treat patients of all ages who require complex care, such as dialysis after kidney transplantation and plasma filtration. As a department, we are JCI certified, and we work hard on a continuous improvement culture.


You are a qualified dialysis nurse and are eager to work in the Netherlands. For this, you are willing to master the Dutch language and register in the Dutch BIG register. You get much satisfaction out of treating chronic patients and can handle acute situations well. You are driven, flexible and work well independently as well as together. Preferably you have broad experience with kidney function replacement therapies. Because we are an academic department, you must be enthusiastic about contributing to innovation, scientific research, and training.

What do we offer you?

  • A position in a very amicably team where you also work intensively with the nephrologists
  • The possibility to rent a studio in Utrecht for a maximum of 2 years.
  • Comprehensive training and development opportunities.

 Only EU registered nurses can apply for this position. 


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